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Voicecraft is a project in dedication to the craft of living voice and poiesis of wiser culture. It’s home to a media and events platform, and supports an academy and participatory network (founded by Tim Adalin).

About: Voicecraft is a project in dedication to the cultivation of wiser culture and the craft of voice. It works to create contexts where authentic communication is welcome and able to address the heart of what matters to embodied and digital being in the world. It’s comprised of a media & events platform, academy, and participatory network.We create content that seeks to add value to the commons, with interests in the fundamental dynamics of psyche, culture, and nature.

Voicecraft.network is a well-held port in the storm of culture: a place to connect with others through depth and levity, and to participate in the cultivation of wisdom by sharing discerning attention and crafting authentic voice.