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Tim Adalin is a transformative philosopher and founder of Voicecraft.

About: I am by mix of choice and fate a renegade of traditional institutions of the modern west. For years I have sought to cultivate more vital alternatives to the cultural organs of our time. Or at least the mycelial connections from which structures above the surface might one day fruit. Contexts where more vital qualities of thinking, feeling, and relating are truly welcome. Where belonging, education, and contribution interweave and inter-afford. So that soul can thrive in the making with this tremendous time.

In 2017 he founded Voicecraft, a culture-making project and media platform which hosts conversations that weave intuition and intellect, heart and mind, body and soul, in the context of explorations into the nature of what matters. Voicecraft was conceived in response to the lack of authentic contexts where curiosity and wisdom were welcome to engage the real of modern life. Core to the philosophy which animates Voicecraft and its private online network is the knowing that we are all involved in the communicational field that moves and shapes us, and that the craft by which we meet and interact bears profoundly on the meaning which colours the richness, joy, and depth of our knowing and relating to the world.

He received a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Bristol in 2017, and a BA in Philosophy and International Relations from the Australian National University in 2013. In this context, some of the questions he pursued circled on mysticism and its relation to analysis; phenomenology and its relation to ontology; psychedelics and profound experiences and their relation to questions of identity, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics; mind and its relation to matter; and the relation of humanity to death, violence, and the sacred.

His exploration of traditional academic contexts were seminal in his developing recognition that new forms of participatory contexts for developing and sharing understanding were crucial to the interests of a truly living, more conscious culture.

Links: Personal Website: www.timadalin.xyz