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Parallax is an European online media platform offering constructive and fresh perspectives for the post-post modern age—co-created by Tom Amarque and Andrew Sweeny.

About: We publish essays and podcasts, webinars and lectures, and are a hub for original and heterodox thinking. The word ‘parallax’ stems from the old greek παράλλαξις parállaxis, which means to shift the viewpoint of the observer. The name suggests psychoactive and alternative sensemaking, as opposed to mainstream narratives and ideologies. Through our work with various european ‘digital tribes’, we create media and Bildung (education), and promote social, cognitive and spiritual development. Moreover, we aim provide a european counterpoint to the dominant anglo-saxon narratives.

The Grand narratives that once sustained us are broken and diverse ideologies have captured our attention. Parallax wants to explore the underlying issues of our current sense-making crisis and offer constructive new perspectives and stories. Who are we and who can we become in the death throes of modernism and postmodernism? Where is the parallax universe?

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