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Denizen is a growing community that recognizes the need to redesign the values and institutions that underpin society—curated by Jenny Stefanotti.

About: Denizen is a community that recognizes the need to redesign the value systems, incentives, and social contracts underpinning modern society. Through our ongoing inquiry, we establish a shared intellectual foundation and build our collective capacity to address humanity’s root problems.

Denizen is a fast growing community that includes a diverse array of individuals: entrepreneurs, scholars, artists, activists, influencers, recording artists, designers, investors, nonprofit leaders, and more. Amongst us are systems change leaders at the helm of organizations such as The Center for Humane Technology, Zebra’s Unite, Purpose, Mobius, Esalen, The Consilience Project, the Post Growth Institute, the Economic Security Project, One Project, and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Denizen was founded by former Googler, Stanford Fellow, and Harvard Kennedy School graduate Jenny Stefanotti, who serves as our primary steward and curator. We are brought together by a shared desire to address the root causes of humanity’s current ecological and economic crises. We convene regularly to learn from one another across six themes: economics, governance, technology, spirituality, culture, and oppression. Over the 18 months — we have explored a vast array of topics in our weekly events on Clubhouse, where we are one of the platform’s leading clubs under the banners of economics, social issues, and knowledge.

Denizen builds collective wisdom via shared learning. Through thoughtful civic discourse, we make sense of the current times and develop a shared vision for a more equitable, caring, regenerative future.  Opportunities for collective action naturally arise, spurring action.  Together, we empower each other to be the change we wish to see in the world. Denizen is both a media platform and a community.

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