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Jenny Stefanotti is a geek, mama, yogi, writer, music lover, and founder, steward, & curator of Denizen.

About: My consulting work focuses on addressing big challenges; such as climate change, the incentives of capitalism, and the ethics of the technology industry. I am particularly interested in leveraging the financial and human capital of Silicon Valley to affect positive social change. I work alongside actors across sectors: startup entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, high net worth individuals, nonprofit executives, venture capitalists, academics, and governmental officials.

I am a generalist whose approach integrates traditional management consulting and design thinking with economic and policy frameworks. I have expertise in human centered design, public policy, governance, technology and innovation, behavioral / traditional economics, philanthropy, and venture capital.

My fluency across many disciplines enables me to address the complex issues my clients face with multiple lenses. I am able to integrate a 30,000 foot system level point of view with the ground up methods of human centered design. I often serve the role of incubating new initiatives; testing prototypes and hiring permanent leadership before spinning projects out.

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