The Roots of Progress

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The Roots of Progress is a nonprofit and blog by Jason Crawford about the history of industry & technology and more generally the story of human progress.

About: The Roots of Progress is dedicated to establishing a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century. Jason writes essays on the history of technology and the philosophy of progress, and gives talks and interviews on the same. He is working on a book, The Story of Industrial Civilization, and currently hosting a series of monthly talks on the topic. We are also beginning to sponsor private and public events for the progress community, to be announced.

The Roots of Progress began as a blog in 2017. Jason wrote it part-time for over two years, went full-time in October 2019, and launched it as a nonprofit in August 2021. We are currently funded by donors including Patrick and John Collison, Anil and Sunil Varanasi, and Adam Wiggins. In the past, support for Jason’s work has come from Jed McCaleb and Jaan Tallinn (via the Survival and Flourishing Fund), the Long-Term Future Fund, Open Philanthropy, and Emergent Ventures.

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