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Location: United States
Structure: LLC

Telosa is a city planned to be built in the United States and ready for residents in 2030. It is being being built by The Junto Group, lead by Marc Lore, along with the BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, led by Bjarke Ingels. The city is being design around Equitism, which they define as "An economic system in which citizens have a stake in the city’s land — as the city does better, the residents do better."[1]

The plan for the city emphasizes:

  • Community Endowment: "The endowment will own and manage the donated land which will generate income from ground leases and appreciation to support enhanced city services in the form of education, housing, health, and jobs/retraining."
  • Participatory Governance: "Transparent participatory democracy will be led by a council and city manager model with strong community engagement and involvement. The City Charter will be mission and vision oriented to put people first."
  • Sustainable Urban Design: "A city designed from a clean slate with a better architectural and mobility master plan to improve the quality of life of all residents. This includes greater environmental sustainability, higher safety, less noise and pollution, more economic efficiency and a new 15-minute city design that changes the perception of geography, sense of time, cost, and experience."