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Hi, thanks for putting up the wiki and this entry. It think it's very helpful to have some text accompany the often very dense podcasts. I'm trying to help and improve the writing a little.

Exponential tech in a win-lose world poses an existential risk

"Imagine someone with a gun or bomb that could blow up a whole block now had the capability to blow up a whole country because they are unhappy.", is almost a verbatim sentence by Daniel Schmachtenberger und should be quoted appropriately (from his podcast on the Jim Rutt show, I think).

Thoughts for improvement

It's a very large article that might benefit from splitting. Perhaps put main sections into separate articles. Topics that are missing or that could be fleshed out in more detail:

  • Fractional misalignment and perverse incentives
  • Comparison of solutions: Liberal democracy vs. Game B (see Jim Rutt/Schmachtenberger podcast)
  • Generator functions versus instances
  • Multipolar traps