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OK, I've just parachuted in here after watching the interview with Jordon Hall on Liv Boeree's WIN-WIN channel on Youtube. After creating an account, the first place I go is "An Introduction to Game B". The first sentence that strikes me is this: "Game A is everything humanity has been doing for the past ten thousand years."

This will sound like a quibble, and perhaps it is. But I think it's a point worth making. Game A is not EVERYTHING humanity has been doing for the past ten thousand years. Human social behavior has always involved aspects that fall outside of what most of us would probably say is Game A. Over evolutionary time, humans -- along with other social species -- have evolved traits that help to align the self-interest of group members as individuals with the interests of the group. They're called "social control traits", and it behooves us to understand what they are and how they work. Altruism and cooperation are everywhere in nature, right alongside cutthroat competition. They exist even between species, as symbiotic behaviors. Any viable Game B that we hope to engineer will need to be built on foundation of the social control traits we've inherited from nature.