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Stephanie Lepp is an award-winning and integrally-inspired producer devoted to integrating different perspectives.

About: Stephanie Lepp is an award-winning producer and creator of Infinite Lunchbox, a production studio devoted to accelerating the evolution of culture in America. She's the former Executive Director at the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a non-profit think tank devoted to transcending polarization. Before that, she was the Executive Producer at The Center for Humane Technology, the organization at the heart of the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. She won two Webbys for Deep Reckonings — a series of explicitly-marked deepfake videos that imagine morally courageous versions of our public figures. Reckonings Podcast — stories of people who have expanded their political worldviews, transcended extremism, and made other kinds of transformative change. In other words, an exploration of how people change in ways that scale into broader social and political change.