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Sloww is a synthesis of the art of living for students of life—founded by Kyle Kowalski.

About: Sloww currently has a Premium membership with 1,000+ members, a weekly email newsletter with 7,500+ subscribers, a social media following of 30,000+, and a website with 60,000+ monthly visitors (3,500,000+ lifetime pageviews).

Sloww is creating the web’s deepest guide to the art of living through an interdisciplinary synthesis of the world’s wisdom across diverse yet interconnected disciplines: Slow & Simple Living, Meaning & Purpose, Natural & Social Sciences, Psychology & Mental Mastery, Philosophy & Metaphysics, Spirituality & Consciousness.

Here's a breakdown of Sloww:

  • 400+ Total Articles: A growing resource of the world’s deepest knowledge.
  • 100+ Book Summaries: The most detailed book summaries of the world’s best books.
  • 100+ Email Newsletters: Personally curated to surface the most interesting content from around the web to you weekly.
  • 75+ Premium Posts & Infographics: Exclusive, high-signal content with a high wisdom-per-word ratio so you can get wise in less time.
  • 2 eBooks: "The Hierarchy of Happiness—100+ Powerful Perspectives on How to be Happy" (Free) & "Ikigai 2.0: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Finding Life Purpose & Making Money Meaningfully (+ Bonus Workbook)"
  • Online Courses: Coming very soon!

Who is Sloww for?

  • Anyone who is ready to slow down, live simply, and design a lighter life (“intentional humans”).
  • Anyone who is ready to find and create life purpose and be the hero/heroine of their own journey (“heroic humans”).
  • Anyone who is ready to be a student of life, master their mind, and become wise (“holistic/meta humans”).