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Roote is a non-profit startup studio tackling root problems with systems-level design and co-building the wisdom age—founded by Rhys Lindmark.

About: Our mission is to co-create the Wisdom Age. We’re accelerating the personal and collective transformation necessary for humanity's transition to the Wisdom Age—a world of networked abundance with people who have holistic understanding and ethics. Roote catalyzes systems-level change by cultivating future-minded leaders and co-developing transformational projects.

Roote’s values are operating principles for our day-to-day work. They are:

  • WE’RE NOT IN THE WISDOM AGE YET — 750M people are still in extreme poverty. There’s a 1/6 chance we go extinct by 2100. This transition is just beginning. There’s lots of work to do. But…
  • ACT AS IF THE WISDOM AGE IS ALREADY HERE — We act from the future, both interpersonally and collectively. This means we strive to work with networks not institutions, act from abundance and generosity rather than scarcity, and think with holistic ethics and understanding.
  • HUMANITY FIRST — Many companies have a value like “customer obsession”. For Roote, this is placing humanity first. When we make decisions, we always ask “what would be the best for humanity?” We care about the environment and future robots too. But humanity comes first.
  • FOCUS ON THE FUNDAMENTALS — Focus on the few things that matter.
  • BUILD TRUST THROUGH HONESTY AND KINDNESS — We place a deep trust in each other. With this foundational gift, we are honest and kind to help each other grow.
  • APPROACH WITH LIGHTNESS — This work can be intense. We try to laugh and recognize the weirdness of it all.

Wisdom Age Paradigm — This grounds our work and guides our approach:

  • Systems Thinking: Strive for root-level and loop-based understanding.
  • Network-first: Look to manifest ideas by leveraging digital networks. Recognize that information wants to be free. Think of humanity as a Networked Human Organism.
  • Holistic Understanding: Be curious first. Strive for clarity and bias towards action. Deprogram yourself and your lenses.
  • Holistic Ethics: Put on your mask before helping others. Then truly strive to help others. Play long-term positive-sum games.
  • Abundance and Generosity: Recognize your abundance and give back.

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