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Ron Rivers is author of Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis and the founder of SpiritDAO.

About: Ron has spent the past two decades building communities around big ideas. In past moments he has been a web2 founder with an exit, a founder and executive director of a civic technology non-profit, a longtime community activist and organizer, a state senate candidate, and advocate for historically marginalized changemakers and non-profit leaders.

Ron recently published Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis which develops new frameworks of meaning and value informed by our most advanced cosmology and physics. Binding spiritual renaissance to systemic reformation which he argues is necessary for collective transcendence. The text is considered a public work, and intended to evolve alongside its community of practitioners. All book sales support the community treasury of SpiritDAO, a non-profit membership community of individuals embracing the philosophies and practices contained within the text and serving to further the spiritual-structural project of the Eight Dignities.