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Rejuvenating Roots is an urban agriculture venture utilizing regenerative agriculture and permaculture growing methods. The business is located in Columbus, Ohio on a 1 acre property. The business was established at the beginning of 2020 with the goal of being a social enterprise and worker co-op. There are no external funding sources for the venture. 



First Year Lessons Learned

How to Support

2/2020: Registered as a worker co-op.

4/2020: Planted 20 raspberry brambles, 60 strawberry plants, and 17 blueberry plants currently on their first year of production. ~20 shiitake logs inoculated.

7/2020: Scouted possible accounts to sell to and acquired compostable packaging. There are no plans to actually sell produce this year due to immature plants. Iteration of design and management of crops are to be fined tuned, however.

-Mandala design with keyhole beds are best used for annual crops with a water source near by.

-pH for blueberries really need to be at goal pH ~3 months ahead of transplanting. Some sources say 6 months to a year. I did not have this luxury due to delays out of my control with shipping of plants, dirt, and other materials.

-It's best to use rows or raised rows for raspberries instead of a square raised bed. Follow spacing guidelines instead of trying a 'bio-intensive' spacing approach. They will expand and grow shoots to fill in the areas.

-Commit to mound style or matted style for strawberry production. Bio-intensive spacing did not work as well as I'd hoped.

-Trying to maximize sq ft for a design is not the only indicator to look at. Think about providing water, ease of weeding, ease of bird netting or fencing, and balance these factors when thinking about your design.

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