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Peter Limberg is a writer, thinker, podcaster, Stoic, and steward of The Stoa.

About: Peter Limberg convenes conversations about our fast-changing cultural landscape amidst the meta-crisis and how our many tribes and ideologies can better express embodiment, authenticity and "right relationship" to reality. He was convening in-person events in Toronto exploring how to awaken and live Stoic virtues, and a trainer at Dale Carnegie Training, when the pandemic sent everyone to our rooms. Almost immediately, he began blogging and convening a series of online meetings he calls The Stoa. Peter co-authored the insightful and influential Medium essay, Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0 in 2018. Now, at The Stoa, he is joining with others in actively exploring and practicing personal transformation, authentic relating, collective presencing, sensemaking, and much more.

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