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Oshan Jarow is a researcher at the confluence of social sciences & philosophy of mind and creator of Musing Mind.

About: Interested in many things, like consciousness, meditation & economics. Sure of nothing, like how to exist well, or play the sax (yet). I'm a researcher interested in social sciences and philosophy of mind. I hold conversations on the Musing Mind Podcast with experts across both fields, probing how each might inform the other. I also publish essays along similar lines. I'm also deeply invested in economic policy research, with an eye towards high-leverage policy interventions that can change the evolutionary trajectory of the system.

These days, I'm writing (essays), holding conversations (podcast), & doing policy research + building web platforms to make that research accessible (LEP). I have a degree in economics & philosophy from Elon University, then spent a year living in Asia, enrapt to the whole meditating dharma-bum thing. That was an incredible experience, but pretty quickly, the whole thing began to feel too self-centered. In terms of public life, I'm more interested in the patterns, potentialities, and evolutionary trajectories of consciousness in general, rather than mine in particular, and the question of how socioeconomic institutions constrain or expand cognitive agency. If we're serious about democratizing the possibility to explore the absolutely confounding terrain of potential conscious experience, or more generally, the agency to set the trajectory of one's own life, we should look at the economic realities that determine what kinds of lives are possible, or available to everyone. Or at least, see to it that our economic constructs don't actively reduce that agency. So, naturally, I got a job at a restaurant. I wound up managing a fine-dining restaurant in Kingston, NY, to fund my writing & early podcast. Now, with the podcast blooming into a bigger project, my recently co-founded LEP going public, and the world being in the general state of accelerating weirdness that it is, I have no idea what comes next, but I'm excited to bear witness.