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Joe Lightfoot is a writer, cultivator of community, and host of The Lightfoot Podcast.

About: I'm dedicated towards cultivating new kinds of mutual aid community. I also write books and articles, record podcasts and host conversational forums that explore similar themes. I'm hugely inspired by the emergence of a truly regenerative planetary culture and I'm fascinated by the inner journey of transformation that seems to be required for each of us to fully show up for this system wide metamorphosis. I chose to frame this process as one of becoming Communal Creatures. If you're wondering exactly what it means to be a Community Creature, then hold tight, because that's the topic of my next book.

Since 2015 I've run and set up a series community cafes and events spaces. In 2016 I founded a Proto-Collective of over 200 people that after five years of magic together tore itself apart in spectacular and heartbreaking fashion. It remains to be seen what will emerge from these ashes but there are rays of light on the horizon. Since 2017 I've facilitated a series of Pods which are essentially small depth psychology co-therapy groups especially designed to deepen the sense of communitas and belonging between members of a community.

In 2020 I published a book called "A Collective Blooming: The Rise Of The Mutual Aid Community." It's only 25,000 words long but it took me nearly four years to write. The creative process revealed to me how much I like to try to and convey big ideas in as few words as possible. I am the host of The Lightfoot Podcast which is a series of conversations with inspiring thinkers and communitas crafters that are all moving us towards a world more curious and kind. In early 2021 I published A Metamodern Solarpunk Manifesto which is the most succinct summation so far of my ever evolving personal and political philosophy of change.

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