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Jared Janes is an eclectic yogi, leadership, meditation & operations consultant, and podcaster.

About: I have a long list of eclectic interests & experiences, but the unifying theme seems to be human development. A theme that eventually led me to meditation in 2013. I spent the following six years exploring a handful of popular meditation methods & spiritual traditions but sensed that something was missing. Then, with the guidance of my friend & teacher Charlie Awbery, I moved from renunciative practice to the life-affirming path of a yogi. In 2020, the two of us co-founded a contemporary community of practice called _Evolving Ground (eG).

Before eG, I built a career in digital design, operations & management, founded & ran a small nonprofit, played a video game semi-professionally, and started producing podcasts in 2016 (produced the The Jim Rutt Show & hosted/produced three of my own podcasts). I still make time to follow my curiosity and if you let me, there’s a good chance I’ll talk your ear off about any one of my many fascinations: martial arts, design, entrepreneurship, technology, nutrition, collaboration, philosophy, behavioral & evolutionary sciences... the list goes on!

I'm passionate about helping people become intrinsically motivated, top-performers that are able to adapt & thrive in our rapidly changing world. My unique skill set that primarily focuses on leadership, mindfulness, operations & design gives me many ways to contribute to the projects I work on. As a teacher & facilitator, I host group sessions, coach individuals, and collaborate on the creation of community resources. As a manager & designer, I focus on eG operations, platform administration, and user experience & design.