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The Future Fossils Podcast offers conversations at the edge of the knowable, helping you navigate a future weirder than anyone imagined—hosted by Michael Garfield.

About: Art and philosophy for an age of accelerating weirdness! Join paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield and an avalanche of amazing guests for deep but irreverent discussions at the edge of the known and knowable: on science and the philosophy of it, prehistory and post-humanity and deep time, non-human agency and non-duality, science fiction and self-fulfilling prophecies, complex systems and sustainability (or lack thereof), psychedelics as a form of training for proliferating futures, art and creativity as service and as inquiry.

A podcast for the future archeologists digging through our digital remains. Explore our totally weird moment in the universe through conversations of the unconventional, bizarre, free-roaming, fun, irreverent, and thoughtful kind...an auditory psychedelic to get you prepared for living in a wilder future than we can imagine. Provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of art, science, and philosophy with Michael Garfield, Evan Snyder, and a growing list of awesome guests.

Links: Podcast: https://shows.acast.com/futurefossils