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Foresight Institute is advancing world-changing technology for the future of humanity, and the biosphere—led by Allison Duettmann.

About: Foresight Institute advances technologies of fundamental importance to the long-term future of life and the biosphere, focusing on molecular machine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science. We reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community to promote beneficial uses of these technologies and reduce misuse and accidents potentially associated with them.

Foresight Institute supports the beneficial development of high-impact technology to make great futures more likely. We focus on science and technology that is too early-stage or interdisciplinary for legacy institutions to support.

We believe that the best things happen at the intersections. This is why our community is: 1. Interdisciplinary: our programs further collaboration across molecular nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computing, that is not incentivized in academia, startups, or institutions. 2. International: our community collaborates across local clusters through a mix between regular virtual seminars and in-person meetings around the world. 3. Intergenerational: through close collaborations between junior fellows and senior scientists with 35-year Foresight experience, we cultivate a long-term outlook on flourishing futures.