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Eric Weinstein is an American mathematician and economist. He earned his Ph.D in mathematical physics from Harvard University in 1992. He's a research fellow at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University, and a managing director of Thiel Capital in San Francisco. He speaks and publishes on a variety of topics including, gauge theory, immigration, the market for elite labor, management of financial risk and the incentivizing of risk taking in science. As a public speaker, he has frequently championed scientific risk taking, the importance of self-taught scientists in their role of connecting fields, and the need to limit academic credentialism and rent-seeking behavior from hindering foundational breakthroughs in basic research. He was the co-leader of the Geometric Marginalism project at Institute of New Economic Thinking.

His brother is Bret Weinstein.

Information of podcast episodes with Eric Weinstein below. Last episode recorded here Mar 04, 2020. If you know of an episode not listed here, message to let Anya know.

Date Source Title Transcript Link Source link
05-02-18 Rubin Report Brothers Together at Last (LIVE), Bret & Eric
19-02-20 Eric Weinstein The Prediction and the DISC, Bret & Eric
04-03-20 Rebel Wisdom Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric