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Daniel Thorson is host of the Emerge podcast and monastic at the Monastic Academy.

About: Daniel Thorson is the creator and host of the podcast Emerge – Making Sense of What’s Next, where he explores the relationship between inner and outer transformation. He is also on the team at Monastic Academy, which trains and cultivates wise, powerful, and loving leaders for social and environmental peace. When working at the influential podcast Buddhist Geeks he became fascinated by how public conversations can catalyze cultural transformation. In previous incarnations, Daniel was an organizer with Occupy Wall Street (in NYC); helped start Boulder Flood Relief in 2013; and founded a mindfulness education company.

During the 2020 global pandemic, Daniel became an overnight focus of media attention after he emerged from a long silent retreat and tweeted, “I’m back from 75 days in silence. Did I miss anything?” His unique experience and insights were featured by the New York Times and many other media outlets from around the world. Daniel recognized that a 2-3 year journey into intellectual sensemaking on his Emerge podcast had “crystalized”, and his inquiry led him to more dedicated monastic practice and curiosity about how to love and care for the people around him. Daniel Thorson lives and works at the Monastic Academy in Vermont.