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The Circling™ Institute is committed to making the Circling™ practice available to individuals who want more fulfilling relationships and a deeper experience of community… AND coaches who want to facilitate radical transformation for their clients. Founded by Guy Sengstock.

About: Connection is Everything. Learn How to Turn Ordinary Conversations into Extraordinary Experiences.

“Circling” is a new practice and way of relating that is growing all over the world. By relating in the present moment–beyond stories, expectations and predetermined ideas about who you are–circling has the capacity to reveal your true essence and cultivate deep connections. We offer workshops, coaching & advanced trainings for seekers and transformational coaches.

The Circling™ Method Is our proprietary, multi-stage relational practice and unique transformational modality. It is a dynamic group process that is part-art-form, part-skillful facilitation and part-relational yoga. It is also a unique modality that can be practiced one-on-one. Although it is based on complex ideas, participating in it can be easy and fun for people at all levels of experience.

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