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Buddhist Geeks is evolving dharma in the age of the network—co-founded by Ryan Oelke and Vince Fakhoury Horn.

About: The story of Buddhist Geeks is a story about stories. It’s the story of a new generation picking up the torch, getting burned, running away screaming into the dark, only to slowly re-emerge, scarred but alive. Our story is ever-changing, it changes as we do. The story of Buddhist Dharma, of the teachings and pointers that have come out of this living tradition, is the same. It’s one that is constantly morphing & adapting, in response to the changing conditions of human beings. It’s a story about suffering and it’s alleviation. It’s a love story, about the capability of the human heart when it’s filled with boundless compassion. It’s also a story about the nature of stories, the way they aren’t fixed and thus can’t imply a separate existence outside of themselves.

Buddhist Geeks is a story about what comes after modernity. It’s a story, still being written, about how the human species will respond to the multiple overlapping crises, the metacrisis, that we now face. This metacrisis is an ecological crisis, an educational crisis, a crisis of identity, and a crisis of relationship—our relationship with each other and with Earth. At this point the metacrisis far outstrips our capacity to respond, so we must ask ourselves: “What does the Buddhist story have to offer now in the age of the Anthropocene—in the Age of the Network?”

This story, most of all, is a collective story. It’s a story that we’re telling ourselves about ourselves. It’s one way that we make sense of the madness of being alive, infusing life with meaning, even whilst acknowledging that “death alone is certain and the time of death uncertain.” Will we saw the limb of life from underneath ourselves, plunging into the depths of despair & regret, or will we awaken, and soar off to new heights as of yet unimagined?