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Ben Hohner is the founder of Symbol Consulting and New Tech Old Now. He is focused on improving the meaning, sensemaking, and education crises.

About: Ben is a sensemaking futurist, complexity investigator, content creator, and software engineer on a mission to empower individuals and foster collaboration in our increasingly complex society. He aims to address the meta-crisis by nurturing individual agency through the development of practical educational resources.

During a foray in the corporate world, Ben observed that many organizations possessed powerful sensemaking tools, but rarely shared them with the public. This was primarily due to a lack of incentives that prioritize epistemic justice and community engagement beyond organizational boundaries. Undeterred, Ben shares these tools to bolster our collective ability to navigate complexity.

As a catalyst for change in the dehumanized nature of conventional business and intellectual discourse, Ben seeks to develop sociotechnologies and psychotechnologies that foster reconnection with our emotions, a deeper sense of meaning, and a profound awareness of the interconnected nature of our systems. By drawing on his expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy, and complexity science, and by advocating for a greater understanding of our emotional and psychological landscapes, Ben strives to create positive change in the world. Furthermore, he finds joy in his work, which is ultimately the most important aspect.