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Anna Gát is the founder and CEO of Interintellect.

About: At Interintellect, I’m building a global community of thinkers dedicated to hosting the most important conversations on the internet.

I grew up in Budapest, Hungary. I went to school there and in France, and, finally, in the UK (Goldsmiths College). I moved to London in 2013. I hold master’s degrees in philosophy of art, English, and theatre/dramaturgy. Besides reading every book I could get my hands on, I was a Girl Scout and later a competitive rhythmic gymnast during my school years. I’ve worked since I was a teen: as a writer and journalist, editor and translator, screenwriter and playwright. My first volume of poetry was published when I was 19. I wrote lyrics for and then managed a couple of cool underground bands in Budapest. I was nominated for European awards for the short films I wrote/cowrote, and in 2012 I got into Berlin Film Festival’s highly selective Script Station. It was around this time that, working on a series of sci-fi projects, I realised I was more interested in the sci than the fi: in technology—building the future, not just using it—and decided to dedicate myself to this mission fully.

In 2013, I co-founded Hungary’s leading women’s rights platform for which I later won a Glamour Woman of the Year award. I founded my first for-profit startup in late 2016 in London which, through many iterations, has grown into Interintellect, a buzzing virtual city of minds. Every day, I strive to create a new public square worthy of the intelligence and benevolence of its participants. I’m an Emergent Ventures grantee. Interintellect’s investors are based in the Silicon Valley and worldwide.

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