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Alexander Beiner is a writer, facilitator, cultural commentator, and co-founder of Rebel Wisdom.

About: Alexander leads on Rebel Wisdom's written content and live experiences, and is particularly focused in finding new ways of having in-person conversations around the most essential and challenging ideas. Rebel Wisdom's live experiences are designed to engage more than just the intellect; they are places where the ideas explored in our films can be integrated, so that they can be lived out in the real world. He is one of the directors of Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic science and culture. His work on psychedelic culture has been published in the 2016 book 'Neurotransmissions', as well as ‘The Guardian’. In 2012, he co-founded a meditation school, Open Meditation. He has also worked in some of the world's top events agencies developing immersive live experiences. He also writes fiction and plays traditional Irish music.