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Hello World

I'm in the Game ~B Facebook group as Kevin Jones. I'm also on Twitter as @KevB_ing and Reddit as u/KevB-ing. I'm also on Discord as KevB-ing#9864 and have added a GameB Wiki section to my server there.

I have a fair bit of past experience with MediaWiki editing (via Wikipedia) and have been a home Linux hobbyist for some time and am looking forward to ~being of use.

When I was last active on Wikipedia I edited as User:A Fellow Editor (A Fellow Editor talk page).

During a recent, 31 Jan 2020, discussion on Discord one "Socrates" summed up my personal Game ~B vision more concisely and elegantly than I think I ever could have on my own. --KevB-ing (talk)

"You wish to create structures, both physical and psychic, that involve the preservation and building of architecture that promotes involvement and interweaves contemporary technology in order to create safe havens and microprojects on a scale feasible for the average individual to easily involve themselves and you have been peering and contemplating through an assortment of such things."

—Nick (aka Socrates on Game ~B Discord)

… a vessel, reflecting.