The Center for Humane Technology

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The Center for Humane Technology is a non-profit envisioning a world where technology supports our shared well-being, sense-making, democracy, and ability to tackle complex global challenges—co-founded by Tristan Harris.

About: Together with our partners, the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is dedicated to radically reimagining our digital infrastructure. Our mission is to drive a comprehensive shift toward humane technology that supports our well-being, democracy, and shared information environment. From the dinner table to the corner office to the halls of government, our work mobilizes millions of advocates, technologists, business leaders, and policymakers through media campaigns, working groups, and high-level briefings. Our journey began in 2013 when Tristan Harris, then a Google Design Ethicist, created the viral presentation, “A Call to Minimize Distraction & Respect Users’ Attention.” The presentation, followed by two TED talks and a 60 Minutes interview, sparked the Time Well Spent movement and laid the groundwork for the founding of the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) as an independent 501c3 nonprofit in 2018.

We are a non-profit working to catalyze a more humane future. We envision a future with humane technology that treats our attention and intentions as sacred, protects our well-being, and strengthens our capacity to tackle our biggest global challenges. Our work includes large-scale projects like the film "The Social Dilemma" and our podcast "Your Undivided Attention," as well as audience-specific toolkits, courses, and newsletters. We also share insights and advice via public and private events, leader briefings, media appearances, and collaboration with a wide range of partners.

Together we're working to catalyze a more humane future. We reframe the insidious effects of persuasive technology, expose the runaway systems beneath, and deepen the capacity of global decision-makers and everyday leaders to take wise action.

We all deserve a future with humane technology. This new future will require greater collective understanding of the root causes driving extractive systems. It will require deeper empathy for the range of individual experiences with persuasive technology. It will require open minds to connect the dots and develop creative solutions. And it will require all our unique contributions.