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Add New Resource

There are so many good books out there, podcasts to listen to and articles to read. But finding out which ones are relevant to what you are doing is difficult. Here we organize them and make them accessible in an ordered fashion.

Here is a tutorial on adding a new resource: Add Resource Tutorial


The entire online presence of Game B is in order to help us connect, coordinate and integrate. Here are places where you can find other players. Some of them might not call themselves so, however. Links to Communities

Other Resource Collections

Here are links to other places, where people have curated content under a theme or by their own preferences. Links to Collections



Other players have created documents taking notes and summarizing concepts. Links to Documents


We are working on creating a Glossary with definitions of commonly used terms and concepts. Link to the Glossary


For now, here is a list with major personalities in the Game B world. Since this list is largely useless, we should start looking through their work and catalogue it into useful and accessible categories. People