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Game B is focused around the core idea of decentralization. Therefore people will start their projects only through very loose association and many things will be created twice. Project registries as well. There will be a project registry on this page, but there will also be many others created in other places. The key idea of decentralization is that anybody can edit any of the databases. However, as long as the databases are active, we should regard them as equal.

Wiki Projects Database

This is the database for projects on the wiki. Here anybody can add their projects by themselves.

Game B Projects Database by TogetherTec

This database is a list of projects created by members of the Game ~B community based on the Game ~B philosophies. To add your project to the database please register on the database site and we will give you access to add your project info to the database.

Game B Projects Facebook Group

The Facebook Groups Project Database

Blender Game Engine Fork

This is blender (3d content / animation suite) paired with a game engine using bullet physics / sdl2 / modern GLSL and soon Vulkan 100% open source

[ B_Pecs Augmented Communication software for the nonverbal]

This is a project using UPBGE to make a Virtual Reality / Augmented reality / PC / Phone based software for communication using only open source tools

[ Holo_Deck ]

using UPBGE + ubisoft mixer - we can form a sort of 'holodeck' for collaboration online - even education or socialization.