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==Projects who's owners have to be contacted to sort their projects into this==
[[Old Projects]]
Source: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VqIGuIafjW9WSVeBJf7jWFfuOXBiUZLWk2pqJOhNESc/edit?disco=AAAADyk2XnA James Allen's Google Doc on Game B]
*The Columbus Model: https://www.rejuvroots.com/the-columbus-model
*Klara Huebsch’s [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FrJO6XCNiHCv0rK-Rv6rL23L1fmDm8XjiShlPiDZsmU/edit?usp=sharing Global Industry Cooperative proposal], which attempts to tackle some of the key sources of systemic change resistance.
==Group coherence==
*[https://www.microsolidarity.cc/ Microsolidarity]
*[https://thegoodparty.org/ The Good Party]
==Interpersonal coherence==
*Remzi & Adelina Bajrami (www.common-planet.org), Twitter: @remzibaj, @adebajrami)
*Fernanda Ibarra, The Commons Engine: https://commonsengine.org/the-commons-engines-cohort-strategy-for-regenerative-agriculture/
*Jubilee Briscoe (@crowddemocracy)
*TogetherTec (Global User/Platform cooperative) https://collaborativedemoc.wixsite.com/togethertec
*Kylie Stedman Gomes: https://forum.praxorium.org ... working on a Global Commons Trust / Stewardship System model
*[https://www.incollaboration.com.au/catalysing-the-sydney-commons-lab Sydney Commons Lab]
*[https://www.ageoftransition.org/home Anthropocene Transition Project Sydney]
==Transition B Infrastructure==
===Sense-making technologies===
===Transition B 'incubators'===
*[https://enspiral.com/ Enspiral]
*[https://www.dnapathways.com.au/ DnA Pathways]
*[https://ratpark.org RatPark]
*[https://www.postgrowthentrepreneurship.com/ Post-Growth Entrepreneurship]
*[https://www.zebrasunite.com/ Zebras Unite]
*[https://edgeryders.eu/t/topic/42 Edgeryders]
*[http://www.ekskaretfoundation.com/ The Ekskäret Foundation]
===MetaCurrency Project===
===Decentralized Networks (non-blockchain)===
====Holochain Projects====
====Secure Scuttlebutt====
===Local Communities===
*[https://transitionnetwork.org/transition-near-me/ Transition Network]
*[https://ecovillage.org/about/about-gen/ GEN (Global Ecovillages Network)]
*[https://www.facebook.com/groups/2228865767419263/ Gameb Communities] private discussion group on Facebook

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Create New Project

How to create a new page for your project: Project Creation Tutorial

GameB Community Integration

We need to integrate and coordinate more as a Game B community, here you can find projects related to that. Projects on GameB Integration


How do we grow our food together and in a sustainable way in the future? Projects on Agriculture


Self-Expression in a Positive Way. That is what this is all about, right? Art Projects

Community Building

How do we build our first ProtoB communities Community Building


Reducing Game A Malware from generation to generation is key, therefore we need to create a new educational system. Projects on Education


How do we build a better system of governance? Projects on Governance

Group Cohesion

We need to create standardized forms to build cohesive groups in order to foster collective intelligence and a cohesive society. Group Cohesion


Do we need religion? Vervaeke and Ken Wilber Fans here please. Projects on Spirituality

Transition B Infrastructure

We need to build tools for transitioning into Game B. A new kind of infrastructure that supports better interaction. Projects to build Transition B Infrastructure

Projects who's owners have to be contacted to sort their projects into this

Old Projects