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If you would like to list your project here, it is very simple. Log in or create an account (only for this wiki) and click on edit in the top-right corner of the page and writing [[ in the section right underneath this text. Then a small window will appear that enables you to search for pages. Just type in the name of the page for your project, hit insert and save the changes.


The name of your project page should now be written right above this in red text. Click on the name and you will be taken to a brand new page that you can start editing. Once you have created your page it is important to sort it into a category so that people can actually find it. This is done by writing [[Category:NameOfCategory]] somewhere on your page. To see which categories are available just check the projects site.

There is a template below that you can use for your project site if you want. Just copy everything between the nowiki tags and insert it on your project site, while editing source. Save the changes and you can add all the information you want in the easy visual editor.

==Short Description==
==Ways to Support Us==
==Lessons Learned==