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You are new to GameB?
Here we have an introductory course to help you understand what this is all about!
Many of us are already working on really cool stuff!
If you are looking for inspiration for your own project, want to find out what is out there, or even look for something to help with yourself: This is the Place
Many smart people have written many smart books. This is a categorized list of GameB compatible information categorized to help you go deep in whatever topic you want to specialize in.


Here you can check out which pages have been updated recently and by whom Recent Changes

Users - Game B Network

Here you can check everybody who is editing this wiki. If you find your account on here in red text, you can click on it and create a page for yourself with contact information. Users

Help This Wiki

This project on works through community support. You can help maintain and make it useful to everybody in so many different ways!

The key idea of this place is to organize our projects and resources into a well-structured database, where things can be found easily without having to scroll through months of chat log. Once an item is found, it should be easy to decide whether it is interesting due to a short description instead of a " what do you think/any thoughts" that is commonly seen in our chat groups.

  • Use what you have found on here and tell other people about it, that way we can spread the community and make this even more useful
  • Insert your own Game B project into the projects page, there is a tutorial on how to do that at the top
  • Insert well curated Game B material into the resources page in an organized fashion with a short description to make easier for people to decide whether it is useful for them
  • Help create a comprehensive "Get Started" course to support newcomers to the community
  • Adding automatic backups
  • Adding a transparent favicon

On top of that: Feel free to read, think, comment, edit, add more pages. We can build this together.

Phil (GameB_Phil on Twitter) originally created this wiki. Currently I (User:Jakob) am working on it a lot.

Tutorials on Learning to Work with MediaWiki