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Kyle Kowalski is an ex-marketing executive turned corporate dropout and solopreneur who found and created his life purpose after an existential crisis. Sloww is his synthesis of the world's wisdom on the art of living for students of life.

About: In a nutshell: I'm learning why and how to be human and publicly sharing what I learn along the way at Sloww is essentially my public, digital, “commonplace book” where I’ve attempted to combine and align everything about myself: my personality, my purpose, my play, my philosophy, and my philanthropy. Thinking is my passion. But, I’m not a philosopher, psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, professor, scientist, or spiritual teacher. Who am I then? I’m an interdisciplinary dot connector across all those humans and many more. The term I’ve found that best describes what I do is “synthesizer” or “synthesist.” I’m also a solopreneur pursuing the path of “conscious capitalism” (aka “enlightened entrepreneurship” or “spiritual business”) by creating digital, info products for the knowledge era of civilization.

My "Old" Life: As recently as a few years ago, I lived the life of "workism" and "total work." You would have found the old me working consistent 60-80 hour workweeks and consumed by busyness—trying to offset my hard work by telling myself "I deserve this" while upgrading my lifestyle (aka "lifestyle inflation") by buying a sports car and big house in the suburbs. I learned the hard way that no amount of pleasure is a substitute for a lack of purpose. Life was heavy—one thing after another that I had to do. Externally focused. Lacking purpose. Superficial. Complicated. Reactive. Unconscious and spiritually poor.

Existential Crisis: In late 2015, I had an existential crisis. The crazy hours at work finally broke me for the first (and last) time. This is when the questions started. I questioned everything—everything I’d ever known, believed in, and thought was true. I was a high achiever in school, sports, and work, but I had completely missed the most important subject: LIFE. So, I started to give myself a deep, self-taught, crash course on life. I struggled every single day with the new information I was learning (awareness) vs. how I was still living (action)—causing a high level of cognitive dissonance or what some may call "divine discontent." I felt like I had a foot in two worlds. My crisis was the beginning of the end of my glorification of busy and unconscious consumption—and the beginning of my awakening to intentional living.

My "New" Life: In 2018, I quit my 9-to-5 job and decade-long career to pursue entrepreneurship. I could not find any purpose in selling people more stuff they didn't need—and I could no longer live with myself doing something that didn't have purpose. Since then, I’ve been downshifting to simple and slow living while upshifting meaning and life purpose. Life is lighter—one thing after another that I get to do. Internally focused. Purposeful. Deeper. Simpler. Intentional. More conscious and spiritually rich—or, at least on what feels like a better path for myself and the world.