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Jordan Hall
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Jordan is now in his seventeenth year of building disruptive technology companies.

Classic “Ready Player One” style 80’s nerd. Comics, science fiction, computers, way too much TV and role playing games. Oh, so many role playing games. Naturally, these interests led to a deep dive into contemporary philosophy (particularly the works of Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda), artificial intelligence and complex systems science in college in the early 90’s and then, as the Internet was exploding into the world, a few years at Harvard Law School of all places where he spent time with Larry Lessig, Jonathan Zittrain and Cornel West examining the coevolution of human civilization and technology.

Starting in 1998 he then tried to put all this stuff to use combining disruptive technology, movement building and a taste for going up against obsolete oligopolies. First as an early employee crafting strategy and product for, then at InterVU (acquired by Akamai) and then finally in 2000 launching and leading the online digital video revolution as founder and CEO of DivX.

After somewhat successfully navigating two financial crises and an IPO (and going down in flames at Stage6), he left the helm at DivX to return his attention to the big picture. He tried his hand at capitalism – combining Angel investment at the sharp edge of the Schumpeter wave — with participation in a number of think tanks and institutes; most notably, the Aspen Institute and the Santa Fe Institute where he served on the Board of Trustees for five sweet years.

This exposure led him to the conclusion that humanity is in the midst of a world historical transition which will likely kill all of us (see Mad Max) but just might end in a truly amazing future (see Star Trek). Getting there is going to require many things of us – most notably a significant upgrade of our individual and collective capacity for thought and action.

Information of podcast episodes with Jordan (Green)Hall below. Last episode recorded here Jan 31, 2020. If you know of an episode not listed here, message to let Anya know.

Date Source Title Transcript Link Primary URL
07-12-07 MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing Futures of Entertainment Ep #2: “Fan Labor”
26-04-13 Gov Futures Complexity in Governance
30-05-13 Reinvent Reinvent Governance (Roundtable)
16-02-15 The Foundation Looking For Direction? Here's How To Find It, Change The World, & Make Hundreds Of Millions - Meet The Father Of Divx
28-04-15 Galactic Public Archives At i4j: Attaching Ourselves to a Well-being Economy
17-11-15 Innovate Your State Distributed Governance System CivicTech Showcase Presentation
02-12-16 DraperTV How the World is Subject to Global Waves
02-12-16 DraperTV What is at the Core of Global Waves
04-02-17 Future Frontiers Politics Decentralized: A new paradigm of governance
24-03-17 Intuitive Leadership Mastery Combining Intuition with Rational Mind – a more effective solution in Business
31-03-17 Neurohacker Jordan Greenhall explains his "why" behind Neurohacker Collective
04-05-17 Neurohacker Situational Assessment: update
24-05-17 Big Think Why Controlling the Masses Through Media No Longer Works
03-06-17 Big Think How Russia's Election Meddling Revolutionized Propaganda
17-06-17 Erica Lee Jordan Greenhall on "Memento Mori" w/ Erica Lee
03-07-17 Neurohacker Jordan Greenhall discusses the stages of a startup company and where Neurohacker is
17-07-17 Grow Big Always Big Pharma will fall like Media, Music and Money with Neurohacker’s Jordan Greenhall
21-07-17 Big Think Erasing the Self, Living in a Dream, and Creating New Power Relationships with VR
07-08-17 Neurohacker The Transition
11-12-17 Future Thinkers Ep #47 Why We Need Collective Intelligence During Global Collapse
28-12-17 Future Thinkers Ep #48 Sovereignty in Chaos
09-02-18 Rebel Wisdom Deep Code Assessment - Jordan Peterson/Channel 4, Glitch in the Matrix
28-02-18 Neurohacker - Collective Insights How We Lost Our Sovereignty, and How to Get It Back
01-03-18 DAOstack Jordan Greenhall on DAOstack
17-04-18 Emerge Sovereignty, Resonance, and Liminality
26-04-18 Matthew Pirkowski A Deep Code Conversation with Jordan Greenhall
28-05-18 Decoding Superhuman Sovereignty with Jordan Greenhall
26-07-18 Emerge Jordan Greenhall & Bonnitta Roy - After Jordan Peterson
10-08-18 Emerge Anti-Rivalry, QAnon, and SOCIs (Oh my!)
06-09-18 Future Thinkers Ep #62 Deep Code: Learning How To Learn [Pt. 1]
06-09-18 Rebel Wisdom Apocalypse Now?' with Jordan Greenhall and Akira the Don
12-09-18 Future Thinkers Ep #63 Deep Code: Learning How To Learn [Pt. 2]
26-09-18 Justin Murphy (Other Life) Livestream (featuring Jordan Hall)
28-09-18 Rebel Wisdom The Paradox of the Times, with Jordan Greenhall [Pt. 1]
11-10-18 Rebel Wisdom Genuine Conversation and the Intellectual Dark Web, Jordan Greenhall [Pt. 2]
25-12-18 Rebel Wisdom Comics, superheroes and the Intellectual Dark Web, Jordan Greenhall & Akira the Don
18-02-19 Intellectual Explorers Club The Philosopher Entrepreneur
25-02-19 Jack Murphy Live Ep #10 Jordan Hall
07-03-19 Modern Wisdom Ep #55 How Do You Redesign Civilisation?
10-04-19 Zion 2.0 Ep #10 Distributed Intelligence [Pt. 1]
16-04-19 Zion 2.0 Ep #11 Our Future Sense-Making [Pt. 2]
21-04-19 Rebel Wisdom Reality Check 2019
22-04-19 Rebel Wisdom Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall - Making Sense of Sensemaking
11-05-19 guy sengstock Ep #1 Jordan Hall, John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro & Guy Sengstock in Diologos
07-06-19 Rebel Wisdom John Vervaeke & Jordan Hall: Explorations in Meaning
03-07-19 Rebel Wisdom Jordan Hall In Depth: My Life, Game A & the Blue Church [Pt. 1]
03-07-19 Rebel Wisdom Jordan Hall In Depth: Discernment & Collective Intelligence [Pt. 2]
17-07-19 Rebel Wisdom Deep Code: Jordan (Green)Hall Documentary
01-08-19 Rebel Wisdom Vervaeke & (Green)Hall: Bullshit & Simulated Thinking
10-08-19 guy sengstock Jordan Hall N' Guy Sengstock
19-08-19 The Jim Rutt Show Ep #8 Jordan “Greenhall” Hall and Game B
11-09-19 Both / And Ep #19 Contextualizing the Spiritual
19-09-19 liberatemankind A Deeper Dive Into Discernment
19-09-19 Voiceclub In the Wake of Mystery
26-09-19 CrowdDemocracy Conversation with Jordan Hall on Game B and tech cooperative
27-09-19 Venture Stories Game B in a Silicon Valley Context
02-10-19 Jack Murphy Live Ep #18 Jordan Hall
08-10-19 guy sengstock guy sengstock - Jordan Hall - Jordan Hall N' Guy Sengstock
19-10-19 liberatemankind Game B - Some background and personal perspectives
23-10-19 GameB Coffee House What Does It Mean to Play Game~B? -- A Sensemaking Wormhole
28-10-19 Rebel Wisdom Sam Harris, consciousness & the transcendent, Jonathan Pageau & Jordan Hall
29-10-19 Zion 2.0 Creating Wealth in Transition
05-11-19 guy sengstock Dialogos 1 - Jordan Hall, John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro & Guy Sengstock
15-11-19 John Vervaeke Vervaeke and Hall begin to design the religion that is not a religion
18-11-19 The Jim Rutt Show Ep #26 Jordan Hall on the Game B Emergence
11-12-19 guy sengstock Dialogos 2 - Jordan Hall, John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro & Guy Sengstock
06-01-20 Intellectual Explorers Club Jordan Hall and BJ Campbell - Game Ant vs Game B
31-01-20 John Vervaeke John and Jordan II On the religion that is not a religion

Jordan Hall also created a Youtube series called Deep Code Experiment:

Episode # Episode Title Youtube Link Transcript Link
1 Four Layer Model of Social Systems
2 The Rivalrous and the Anti-Rivalrous
3 The Cynefin framework - Complicated, Complexity, Chaos
4 The Game of Thrones
5 The Tainter Plus Model
6 On Thinking and Simulated Thinking
7 Understanding the Blue Church
8 Crossing the Adaptive Valley
9 Laws, Norms and Code
10 On Sovereignty
11 Coherence
12 What is Phase Space?
13 Technological Unemployment - Is this time different?
14 Social Satisfiers and the Reinvention of Everything
15 Dominance and Prestige Hierarchies
16 Close All Loops
17 Paradigmatic and Liminal Mind
18 The Sacred, the Profane and the Supernormal
19 The Noumenal and the Phenomenal - Mind the gap
20 Responsibility, Sovereignty and Cleaning Your Room
21 Responsiveness, Adaptive Capacity and Why Companies Die
22 The War on Sensemaking
23 Broadcast media, decentralized media and discernment
24 Generational Theory and Social Choices
25 Scenius