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Hello, hello. This is the Game B community. You might be overwhelmed, confused and disoriented right now, so to get you up to speed with the vocabulary and thought patterns used when thinking about an alternative, sustainable civilization. Think of this as GameB 101.

Game A and Game B

PhilC has created a truly in depth article on how to understand Game A vs Game B. You can read it here: Game B

A Possible Timeline

  • Pre-Game B (PreB) — today — when no actual group of people is living a whole Game B life.
  • Proto-Game B (Proto B) — when a coherent group of people are attempting to live a Game B life that can be thought of as “whole” if not yet “complete”.
  • Early GameB (Early B**)** is a future state where there is a civilization level minimum critical mass of people — perhaps a few million — that are no longer under the sovereign authority of any Game A entity and are composed of scaled-up versions of one or more Proto Bs.
  • Game B — where a major civilization has been established — at least hundreds of millions of people that is its own sovereignty(s) (if such things still exist) or not subject to any other sovereignty and is analogous in its scale and completeness to Western Civilization.

Key Concepts

Eric aka LiberateMankind made a great playlist on the key concepts of Game B here: Key Concepts Playlist

Some Basic Game B Thinking Structures:

  • Game B It's not “Game A” — the Western Civilization status quo. It is believed that Game A is headed for self-destruction. Game B is conceived of “What Comes Next”, the social operating system that replaces Game A.
  • Path to Game B: is unknown. We must travel towards a direction through trial and error as it is hard to plan for emergence. As a collective, each of us discern with your full self what the best “next action” and what is the “adjacent possible”, and move in that direction.
  • Design Requirements
    • Game B is a flag on the hill for an omni-win civilization that maximizes human flourishing
    • Game B has at least four fundamentals: 1) self-organizational 2) network-oriented, 3) decentralized, and 4) meta-stable for an extended period of time.
    • It maximizes collective intelligence, collaboration, and increasing omni-consideration.
    • Game B should aim to maximize human potential and flourishing — what Maslow called “self-actualization”. Game B should also engender a sense of real security from physical want and should make it much easier and natural to find friendship, fellowship, and love.
    • It is the infinite game where the purpose is to continue playing. Game A is the finite game where the purpose is to win.
    • Game B is a new mode of societal, economic, and/or political organization that leverages people's authentic, long-term interests towards a healthier, more cooperative society and increased well-being. A Game B system is any cooperative, mutually-beneficial system that can out-compete exploitative, adversarial systems through manifest appeal and willful, voluntary participation.
    • In short, the goal of Game B is a meta-stable society emphasizing human well being built on good values that we will be happy to call home and we will be proud to leave to our descendants.

Talking to People: Communities

Once you feel brave enough you can join us in many different places and talk with other members of the community. No questions are too beginner level!

The biggest amount of activity is in the Facebook Group, but I think that we should move away from Facebook. Here is the link if you want to join there anyways: [| Game B Facebook Group]. Just know that basically everything there immediately gets lost. (If you disagree with this as you are reading just edit it and make it more friendly)

Me (Jakob) and some others have been trying to get more voice chats going on the Discord Server recently. We are usually active from around 7-8pm PST if you want to join us (written 09.07.2020). Here is the server invite: Discord Server Invite