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Game A was written as part of our collective evolutionary path from simple to complex form. In the expansion of our consciousness from one to many we lost ourselves in the fear that comes with no fully groking the "other". Because of this required limitation of knowledge and understanding desire was born. Desire to have to hold to know and to be known. Through the identification with the "other" we made the "One" or Unity something to be obtained. This was the start of religions where atonement or "At-One-Ment" was the goal. This was the first level of Game A. Through the belief in the Ego we became one with it building stories that took the individual out of the center of the bullseye where the creator sits and put us out in the darkness where the victim and the oppressor live. At this point we required a "Hero" be sacrificed to bring us back into the center, a place we ourselves only have the ability to walk back into. This sacrifice is done in countless ways but the main mode is through judgment of right and wrong.

This false dichotomy would lead us through countless cycles of death and rebirth until our DNA would start to remember the lessons and begin a tantric return to non-judgment. This cycle is coming to an end and this is where Game B begins.

Competition, War, and suffering of all kinds will be left behind as the unity of consciousness begins to meet the physical reality we are all playing within. As the One becomes aware again of itself within each player the decentralized network of Unity consciousness will act as the singularity pulling all into itself again to spiral up into the next level of the Game