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B Corporation: https://bcorporation.net/ proposed as a prototype for social entreupreneurship.

B Corporation (also B Lab or B Corp) certification of "social and environmental performance" is a private certification of for-profit companies, distinct from the legal designation as a Benefit corporation. B Corp certification is conferred by B Lab, a global nonprofit organization with offices in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a partnership in Latin America with Sistema B. To be granted and to maintain certification, companies must receive a minimum score from an assessment of "social and environmental performance", integrate B Corp commitments to stakeholders into company governing documents, and pay an annual fee based on annual sales. Companies must re-certify every three years to retain B Corporation status.

TODO enhancement on this would be a decentral or collectively controlled certification instance, which demands a collective certification mechanism.

INFO Another paradigm without certification is the responsibility capital. This gives power to the single instance, to the whole of the staff, which may focus more sustainable and social goals. The corporation lies in a holding, which transfer power to the staff. As a living example see Purpose ([[1]]). This institution is also not fully decentralized, so if freedom of central authorities is seeked, additional architecture is needed.